Saturday, September 26, 2020

Love Appraisal


Lord, above, how much we love Thee 
So at least our mouths proclaim 
Let it be Lord, in our duty
We do not put words to shame 

Lord above, if we so love Thee 
Why are we so self-inclined 
Why are we in such a hurry 
If love is patient and kind 

Lord above, in all want’s pining 
Let our deepest longing be 
Not some superficial mining 
But for love’s identity 

Lord above, let love unfetter 
Focus on Self’s stubborn plan 
Teach us how to love You better 
Through our love for fellowman 

Lord above, let the appraisal
Of our daily worship be
Not to gods fleeting and mortal
But wholly, humbly to Thee

© Janet Martin

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