Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Sound of Seas

Don’t scoff
And write me off just yet
As some rhyme-hyped-up maniac
I can’t explain
The need to rein
In, into ink life’s bric-a-brac
Of highs and lows
Wide smiles, oh-no’s
Good-byes, hellos,
Oh mercy me
This life, it seems
Runs rife with streams
Gleaming with would-be poetry
Don’t ask
And judge my ‘task’ at hand
While standing in your
Gifted Skin... 
I cannot ease
Or fully appease
The Sound of Seas
That roars within 
...But by the grace
That grants our days
I'll endeavor to
Taste and see
The goodness of
Mercy and love
And capture it in poetry

© Janet Martin
and because of these 'seas' my floor is STILL unmopped!! lol
. I WILL do it now she said,
I will. 
I will!
(while a would-be poem wriggles in her head)


  1. You go, girl! Fulfill your task like nobody's judging. Love the pic :)

    1. <3 :) thank-you, my-ever-faithful-cheering-me-on comrade!!


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