Sunday, September 27, 2020

Autumn Memento


Shriek-shriek of jays scores autumn’s morn 
Honk-honk of wild-geese overhead 
Stitches a ragged vee-shaped thread 
Above frost-faded fields of corn 
They tug at strings wrapped round its art 
Then bound to berths deep in the heart 

Tatters of summer start to fall 
Sparking thought’s thrall of joy and grief 
Where, written on each little leaf 
Are pieces of a madrigal 
The bud, the bloom, the swift descents 
Depicting life’s brief residence 

The wind woos woodland’s coloured crown 
Down, down the darling jewels spill 
Like children laughing, twirling till 
The hill is decked with gold-red-brown 
Each little leaf that bobs and floats 
Like goblins lobbing shawls and coats 

…and on a lake of afternoons 
That rolls across echo-washed shores 
We sense an urgent surge that pours 
Through flues to hour-shaped pontoons 
Soon beached upon Bygone’s sand-bars 
While we were trawling for sea-stars 

The jars that gleam from cellar-rooms 
Hold more than gathered garden-fare 
It seems prudent endeavors snare 
A winter-world of summer blooms 
Well worth the while of song-filled hours 
To taste the smile of long-felled flow’rs 

Around the clock four seasons spin 
While we walk the tight-rope of years 
And let our sentimental tears 
Sweeten the season we are in 
Because there is to every time 
A purpose to its rhythmed rhyme 

And thus, the poet, born to weep 
In ink, accrues the aftermath 
Of days that strew the garden path 
Into a memento to keep 
Long after we have lost the String 
That finds and winds its way to spring 

Then, even though we fondly mourn
The days and dreams that are no more
We fill heart-lockets with a score
Of mementos mutely reborn
To pause, soft as a butterfly
Upon the flower of a sigh

© Janet Martin 

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