Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sweet Slow-motion (Dis) Ensemble or Small Fall Request

Fall's soft-fluttering tempo before the crescendo
 trembles beneath boundless blue breadth.
But I have a small fall plea...

Don’t gratify us instantly 
But unfold nature’s law 
Of fall’s masterpiece poetry 
In sweet slow-motion awe 

Don’t undo woodlands all at once 
But as branches unfold 
Let breath-stealing wonder ensconce 
Our wants with red and gold 

Don’t rush the beauty of good-bye 
Like a wild pianist 
While overhead geese honk and fly 
And leaf-ballets untwist 

Don’t usher us, with brusque brush-strokes 
Across earth’s cluttered desk 
But tease us as your touch evokes 
Unraveled arabesque 

Don’t drain the beggar’s ballroom yet 
But let the music fade 
Fall's leaf and petal pirouette 
In sweet, slow promenade

© Janet Martin 

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