Monday, September 7, 2020

Of Confidence and Trust Well-placed

Nothing quite compares to the pain of realizing 
the trust we put in someone is betrayed
and our confidence shaken/mistaken!
But that's the way we are
especially when driven by our mortal bent;
we disappoint each other!

For all that comes and goes where nothing stays the same for long
Where learning bends with heavy blows and Mercy lends a song
We find this romancing of dust a futile quest until
Our confidence and trust is yielded to the Giver’s will

The greatest loss that man endures is loss of faith in He
Who our deathless soul secures for all eternity
Where in the race of dreams we chase and wars of love and lust
We need someone in which to place our confidence and trust

We cannot lose when we choose to put utter faith in God
Though we cannot explain the ways and means of Mercy’s rod
He will not disappoint; but only if we fully place
Our trust and confidence into His law of love and grace

My, my man’s stubborn selfishness can wreak havoc with hearts
And wound the tender trust of others with pride’s verbal darts
How often we should look into the mirror of God’s word
He helps us see far clearer what our mortal bent has blurred

Then, by His all sufficient grace our weakness is made strong
In this old world where nothing stays the same for very long
He does not change; He will not fail, He knows we are but dust
And His love will never betray our confidence and trust

© Janet Martin 

Psalm 71:1
In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust: 
let me never be put to confusion.

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