Monday, September 21, 2020

Consolation Prize

Thank-you Lord for Your works of art...

Thank-you Lord, for your works of art
You always satisfy the heart
The wonder of Your ways and means
Consoles this breadth of in-betweens

You wow us with Your majesty
In spite of all we cannot see
While Time unfurls trouble’s torment
To a world full of discontent

The forge of faith is full of prayer
The gorge of grace is full of care
Life would be too dreary to bear
Without You; You are everywhere

Lord, Your indescribable worth
Overflows hearts, heaven and earth
Pity the one who cannot see
Beyond visual periphery

...where hate can never overthrow
The love and grace whereby we go
And fear, for all its dread and doom
Can never infiltrate the bloom

© Janet Martin

Palm 92:4-8

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