Friday, September 25, 2020

Dear Fall


I refuse to weep while flowers climb the arbor...

...fringe the fence

I refuse to weep while flowers 
Climb the arbor, fringe the fence 
Not yet felled by eager hours 
Composing reminiscence 

Bind the wounds of sweet surrender 
With the petals that remain 
Till the north wind of November 
Snuffs the remnant gleam with rain 

Wrap the coral wash of morning 
Around wishes not fulfilled 
Turn my head to plumes adorning 
Rooms that death has not yet stilled 

Drive me wild with wonder’s gladness 
Pure and guiltless ecstasy 
Where nature ignores the madness 
Of troubled humanity 

Rouse the minstrels in green maples 
Playing preludes to a show 
Of astonishing ensembles 
Autumn’s color-crescendo 

Take my hand and draw me gently 
From fond summer’s fading street 
Lest I stumble accidentally 
Over blooms strewn at my feet 

© Janet Martin


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