Wednesday, September 23, 2020

More Than Moments Can Estrange

Just as the constant surge of water shapes the shore
so our words and deeds shape so much more...

Two years ago we were enjoying the stunning scenery of Canada's east coast.
They are now bracing themselves for (or weathering) Hurricane Teddy
Praying for safety and warm, dry places for all to have shelter!

Like waves that wash across the shore 
The impact of exchange 
Twixt man-to-man is always more 
Than moments can estrange 

The tender or the angry glance 
The cruel word, or kind 
Leaves impressions called influence 
Upon the heart and mind 

This wave that rushes and retracts 
By virtue, will impart 
And influence what it impacts 
...the shoreline of the heart 

Therefore, we at the mercy of 
The touch of fellowman 
Should heal, not wound, not hate but love 
By every means we can 

© Janet Martin

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