Thursday, September 3, 2020

After a Certain Stage/Age...;-)


Far-off gazes are reined in now
Too much joy/care too close to home
Love is like a wide-flung window
With a view second to none

What a war-room of emotions
Time enough unfolds the truth
We no longer flirt with notions
Of another crack at youth

We have learned Life is a lover
That can stab us in the back
And that we all need each other
To make up for what we lack

What a swift, surprising sojourn
Where the ups and downs thus far
From the nucleus of newborn
Shapes us into who we are

…as an air of Deeper Dawning
Keens awareness to Time’s toll
Where we sense the chill of Autumn
In the Summer/Summ'ner of the Soul

And we start to feel the ‘oh my’
As we take ‘Clichés’ to heart
‘Life is short’ ‘time really does fly’
‘Too soon old and too late smart’

…so we stop to smell the roses
Taste the moments as they stream
Rather than pressing our noses
To ‘supposes’ of a dream
While we bear love’s full-time labour
More aware of Past’s vast shelves
As we learn to love our neighbour
And think less of Little Selves

Heartache molds a purposed blindness
Hones honest humility
Metes the milk of human kindness
Where harsh judgement used to be

…far-off gazes more reined in now
Too much close at hand to greet
Where Love/life like a stained glass window
Casts reflections bittersweet 

...then pray, we have found Trust's Anchor
In God's kind mercy renewed
Pray the Presence of Love's Author
Fills our hearts with gratitude
Gratitude for home-spun wonders
For His kind keeping thus far
For the grace that forgives blunders
While becoming who we are
...where Farewell has shed its molding
Origami of hello 
With deft fingers always folding
Holding into letting go

© Janet Martin

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