Monday, July 27, 2015

Tracing Places...

(missing is Emily's hubby Rob who could only stay for the week-end)

Like a rib sleekly severed
From the breast of me
I trace the places
Where Time used to be

Its look-back-face-forward
-no-return affair
Insists that the heart learns
To walk upon air

There, hung between trestles
Of day-to-daybreak
An ocean of echoes
Surges in its wake

It heightens awareness
Of dusk triple-fold
And sweetens the nearness
Of all that I hold

© Janet Martin

Part of Jim's driving break (aka vacation at cottage) included a total of 800 km's of driving to pick up Melissa in TO and drive her home again,so she could spend a few days with us(and we with her). I told her we needed to gather to its rightful place something that felt like a missing rib:)

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