Thursday, July 16, 2015

Let's Dare To Live soon the afternoon donned deeper shades, then disappeared...

Each morning climbs the hill until it becomes afternoon
Then, like the shade that climbs through every fence and gate to lie
Across the yard, the afternoon turns into vesper-tune
And so it goes, from bud to rose to slumber’s lullaby

Then we should pause, because who knows how soon That Gong will toll
And we should purpose in this place of God-anointed Time
To marvel at the way a day, a bud, a year unfolds
Then falls away like petals when the bloom has lost its shine

Let’s let a moment linger longer on our fingertips
That drip-drop from Time’s spigot will run dry. When? Ah, who knows?
Let’s laugh a little more and fill hello with first friendships
Let’s smile, let’s share, let’s dare to live as if This Door might close

Now morning climbs the hill and if God wills, the afternoon
Is waiting like a shroud that every morning dons at last
We cannot hold back moments; soon an hour claims its due
Let’s hope-love-pray before this day turns into Ever Past

© Janet  Martin

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