Friday, July 3, 2015

Suave Abductor...

Then be gentle, suave abductor
As you steal a day, a year
For within your weightless ardor
All we hold will disappear

Tread breath-softly on my pillow
While your fingers rampant, rend
Fabric of midnight and willow-
Whispers on a noontide land

With your shapeless mist-morn mantle
You have swaddled centuries
Suave abductor, please be gentle
While we learn your certainties

For we are new to your habits
Surprised by your practiced ways
While you tease us and distract us
With life’s little every-days

© Janet Martin

'I can't believe how fast days fly, even when I'm working!; remarked Matthew (17) this morning as he headed out to his new full-time summer job on a dairy farm a few lane-ways away... I chuckled at his new discovery;-)

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