Wednesday, July 8, 2015

That Kind of Day...

It was a happy kind of day…
The kind made complete
by ‘he did/ said this!’
and ‘no, I didn’t!’ kerfuffles
common to love of brothers.

It was rain
wrapping its plush strain ‘round a little house
where strawberries became jam,

Summer sealed in ruby shimmers
for winter morning toast.

It was heaven-splashes
in wild-bloom rivers
Running rampant in ditches

It was ride-ride-a-horsey all the way to town...

And’ budding Picasso’ pictures

It was the sort of poetry
That makes a mother’s heart sing
For joy as she tends home fires
Lest by neglect, all that remains
Are embers

© Janet Martin

It was also a day (like most days right now) of SLOW-to NO internet...

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