Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Bit of This and That Canada Day

 It was a nice bit-of-this-and-that Canada Day...
a bit of garden and meadow meandering,
a bit of baseball,
a bit of biking,
a bit of cooking,
a bit of reading,
a bit of fireworks

A bit of this and that is all I really want or need
A garden plot to plant a posy, pluck a little weed
A dinner table spread for tea,
A happy little family
And a good book to read

A bit of this and that is really more than I deserve
A little boy or girl to fit into an elbow’s curve
A cat to scat or stroke a bit
A mat to shake, a chair to sit
And in the eve a lamp soft-lit
While vesper spills its verve

A bit of this and that can make one feel quite like a king
It plants the heart with thankfulness and probes the mouth to sing
As soft we whisper, thank-you God
That you have blessed my plot of sod
With This and That; the best of laud
That life and love can bring

© Janet Martin

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