Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Rain

This is the 4th rainy Tuesday in a row! Galoshes, anyone?

It slips like a summer-soft love-song to us
It drips from leaf-tips in silver-lisped chorus
It rolls, a cajoling love-note, splish-a-splash
It trickles and tickles each petal and sash

It patters; a tempo of tiptoe feet fly
It splatters like tears falling from heaven’s eye
It chatters in monotone regale, drip-drop
And pours from a storehouse bereft of its top

It spills, washes hills, meadows, woodland and panes
It chuckles in puddles and giggles down lanes
It sighs in the street beneath tires that hiss
It renders to each up-turned bloom-face, a kiss

It plays its percussion from bands without shape
On every surface of land and sea-scape
It washes the world in sky-rivers unfurled
Then rests in the nests of flower-cups uncurled

It dallies then sallies in its downward race
To nurture earth-gardens in rivers of grace
It weeps from the lintel, and sweeps over plain
And slips like a summer-soft love-song; the rain 

© Janet Martin


  1. Yes, Jasmine noted the 4 Tuesday rain too! Strange...hope your internet is fixed soon. Frustrating I'm sure...or that you'll find grace to accept it. Hugs' L`

    1. There's always lots to do besides 'this' but 'this' is nice too:) right now it works or I would not be replying:) They have called a few times to see if it is working so they are trying...sounds like we're in for quite a cool down tonight! in the morning it will be 11 degrees feels like 8!!

  2. I like the image of rain running in rivers of grace. "He causes His rain to fall on the just and the unjust."


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