Thursday, July 2, 2015

After June...Is it July 2nd already?!

I wrote this poem earlier and now already it is afternoon!
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Already it isnd afternoon eddies into the blue of After Junernoon the Today after the day that was
A new and unpenned chapter waits for eventide’s applause
For soft the morn leaps forward until it is afternoon
And afternoon eddies into the bay of After June

No one can dam a moment or the journey of its will
It pours earth full of seasons as its hallelujahs spill
And one by one across the line that severs east from west
Time’s off-spring flows from bud to rose to twilight’s daily death

Ah, there is no returning from what is to what has been
The sweep of spring depleted cannot exchange gold for green
The well of youth is soon run dry though daily moments drench
Its wink with opportunity and thirst time cannot quench

This slipping drip of sky rouses both sorrow and delight
As we grasp at its bubble-sphere of morning holding night
For soft the morn bobs forward until it is afternoon
And afternoon wafts into past’s blue bayou; After June

© Janet Martin


  1. Beautiful description of time, Janet!
    I love especially this line :As we grasp at its bubble-sphere of morning holding night!

    1. thank-you:) it feels that way sometimes, doesn't it? in
      Ecclesiastes its called a 'chasing of the wind'...


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