Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Morning...

The sun gloats like an egg cracked into soft blue-buttered sky
Night’s shadow-world floats downstream to a tune of rise and shine
Earth is a raft of dew and dust, upon a summer sea
Come, all-aboard hope’s Trust and Must, fresh-poured for you and me

This day of grace is not like any place that we have been
It holds within its folds Unknowns that none of us have seen
Its tug-of-heart and unspun art waits on a beaming tray
Come, all aboard, the Lord abides within each come-what-may

Then amble through yon meadow, love, and ramble through yon grove
A tide beneath, around, above surges t’ward winter’s trove
And soon the sun that sizzles in this sky blue frying-pan
Will drop into a fizzle of Time’s catch-me-if-you-can

Morning’s platonic presence spills in essence pleasant, pure
Experience has taught us that it will not long endure
Thus we cannot afford anything other than our best
Come, all aboard this summer morn sailing toward the west  

© Janet Martin

 ...these two pics just in case you're hungry;-)

Well, I must sail away to the grocery store before we go anywhere else…hoping to roast mountain pies with the little guys I babysit, for supper tonight.

If the internet works I’ll show you how we do them tonight or tomorrow…generally our internet fizzles out by noon…

our internet didn't work last night and is so slow this morning!! my blogging days might end if it doesn't change:(

It ended up being too dry and windy to chance a fire so the mountain pie plans need to wait for another time... for those of you asking 'what is it?' I'll try to explain...Spray irons (pictured below) with cooking spray. Place slices of bread in each half of iron and fill with pizza toppings...we use sauce, cheese, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, onion, peppers, etc. Don't make then too full. Roast on fire til bread is toasted and cheese melted.
There is no end to what you can stuff them with but the key is the cooking spray or you can't open them without tearing the bread.


  1. "And soon the sun that sizzles in this sky blue frying-pan" Yes the south feels like that at times for sure! And I am really curious about "Roast mountain pies"...

    1. Hi Margaret,
      We are having our first scorching week! because of that, we had to put mountain pies on hold. It was too windy and dry to make a fire. I'll share how we do it. (apparently they have a few different names but that's what we call them. It's a nice change from hotdogs at a camp-fire.


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