Monday, July 13, 2015

Plans Today?

In this edition of Today
Where its first mist-wrap falls away
We scan our planned perhapses; they
Are juxtaposed with come-what-may

Life’s come-what-may can interfere
With plans; our hope and-dreamland sphere
Alongside spoils of Now and Here
Where ever Unknown hovers near

But nearer still than all of this
Those bits in place, those scads amiss
A True And All-Loving God is
Caretaker of each moment-kiss

In this edition of Today
Where soon it first-wrap falls away
We trust each dust-must-come-what-may
To God who hears us as we pray

© Janet Martin

I plan to take lunch to hubby's mom today...I plan to try a new recipe which I plan to share if it turns out, but plans are ever subject to If... if the Lord wills then we will do this or that.

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