Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Melissa, Katrina...and all other daughters of other mothers who pray...

They come and go,
And oh, they know
Wherever they may be
Their mother’s prayers
Like heaven-stairs
Surround them tenderly

Untried Knowledge
Meets ‘life’s college’
Need tames wanderlust
While daughters learn
And mothers yearn
And learn too, about trust

…and so they pray
‘Lord, be their Stay
Their keened and Constant Truth
While Independence
Is more important
Than mother’s homemade soup

© Janet Martin

Praying this morning for my daughter Melissa, my sister's daughter Katrina and all other daughters who are learning some 'tougher grinds' of independence...

(these prayers do not exclude sons!) Aren't you thankful that God can take care of what we can't?


  1. Good morning!
    Yes, forever and ever!! Beautiful, Thank you, Melissa is often on my prayer heart too...

    Internet issues aren't contagious are they? Ours is slow this am...

    1. ours works okay for the early a.m. hours then gradually wanes! Internet issues certainly seem to be a common complaint right now that I hear often!!

      and thank-you sis, for the prayers. Nothing in the whole world is dearer!

  2. I like this poem and am thankful that God does take care of my sweet daughter as she struggles with 3 little boys at home each day. She often calls or texts me with the word "Help!". That's when I pray for extra strength and grace for her and peace in her home with squabbling pre-school boys. I wish I could be close enough to pop over and 'rescue' her but then she wouldn't learn would she. Blessings on your day.

    1. Words from a wise mother:) Thank-you Pamela...

      I'm glad they share their struggles even if it is hard not to be there to help them, but like you say, then they wouldn't learn what they're learning...and nor would I!;) God is faithful and good all the time! Hallelujah!


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