Monday, July 27, 2015

To Those Who Pause To Hear...


Here's to enjoying today's extravagances!

Extravagant, Nature’s slow-dance
Croons in bud-to-blooming things
Leaf-song lyrics, rose-red romance
Zephyr soft as angel-wings

Summer heaps earth like a platter
Hill and hollow, moor and heath
Over-flows with blossom-matter
Siphoned from fountains beneath

Barefoot banter wades through shadows
Deep and cool, grass oceans surge
Past the purple-thistle meadow
Where skylines and shorelines merge

…and the floor beneath the maple
Is a door for dreams that crowd
In through sun and shadow-dappled
Branches skimming lazy cloud

Chipping sparrow, dipping swallow
Dripping honey-suckle sigh
Barley, corn, rye, wheat-drenched fallow
Strum the harp-strings of blue sky

Tempest of ten-thousand flowers
Rolls across the countryside
Where an afternoon of hours
Falls like petals to its tide

Painter of Past’s still-life montage
Dips a brush into lush jars
Heavy with the scent of dew-dust
Peach and seraphim of stars

Nothing can hold back His music
God imbues the atmosphere
With common extravagances
Stunning those who pause to hear

© Janet Martin


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