Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Miraculous Transformation

What wasted want our hearts would utter
What small ‘nothings’ word would be
But for our Heavenly Father
Who hears every humble plea

Then, with whisper’s earnest smallness
Then with tears tongue cannot spell
God transforms the prayer we hold up
And performs a miracle

© Janet Martin

As we lift up our little words
In sad and broken strands
What comfort this; To know God hears
Our hearts and understands 

As I prayed for suffering believers in the Middle East, the Ukraine and all over the world,
as I prayed for the lost and the lonely, 
the daughter in Toronto, 
for those who mourn,
the sick and the poor...

...I was overwhelmed with gladness to know God takes these small words lifted up and transforms them to His power and glory.

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