Monday, January 19, 2015

To My January Muse...

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I like when you surprise me with a thought quite unexpected
Or tease and tantalize me like a green breeze resurrected
I like when you come tumbling through blue daylight deftly dying
Somewhat like love when it was new and lovely without trying

I like the touch of you; true-blue with just a hint of summer
It rushes through my senses in a turquoise-tinted tremor
I like the way that even gray will blush beneath your flirting
Like violet-vested middle-May or July come a-courting

I like the way you leave me lonely just to make me want you
Raging, caged in my heart-of-hearts; darling, there I would taunt you
But oh, you are immune to kisses, still loyal, I linger
Impatient like a toddler clinging to your toying finger

I like the way you stay just far enough away to vex me
You straddle the north wind that moans in low tones to perplex me
And though I’ve vowed to lock the door; ignore what thought composes
You see me at the window waiting with a dozen roses

© Janet Martin

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