Monday, January 19, 2015

Still, Happiness Has Begun...a rebuff to Official Blue Monday;)

The third Monday of January is purported to be the most depressing day of the year.

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Okay, so it is gray but I kinda like the way the snow lays on every up-turned limb and how the whole world is burgeoning with nature-glimpses of Him

The morning lies like longing’s sighs against a lifeless sky
The willingness of moments undeterred by lack of sun
And what we deem waits somewhere in a realm of by-and-by
Because we cannot see it with our eyes still, has begun

The happiness we pine for does not wait for time to pass
Or seasons slipping like the dripping dirge of tick-tock tears
The very thing we long for lingers in time’s hour-glass
Urging us to take notice now before it disappears

To gaze into the distance is to miss God’s kiss of grace
Against our Want where mercy tips its scales on our behalf
Phantom future can blind us while present-past interlace
Weaving the Thing we cannot string again upon time’s graph

The heart may scavenge hollows where the seal of Past is firm
Or grapple with the locks where happiness seems summer-spun
Oh, pray we do not miss the bud that breaks on morning’s berm
Where though we cannot touch it still, happiness has begun

© Janet Martin

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