Monday, January 19, 2015

Counting Happiness-es

The Lord blesses.
Our happiness-es
Depend on how we see
Not 'but' or 'if'
Our 'have' is a gift
Of what we choose to see

The Lord blesses.
Our happiness-es
not dumb luck or chance
but how we use
the joy we choose
In spite of circumstance

The Lord blesses.
Our happiness-es
Increase lavishly
As, by His grace
We glimpse His face
Through what we choose to see 

'But Mom! she said, I have a system to my mess!'

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...'how about getting rid of the shoe-boxes, I suggest to a daughter who saves every shoe-box, candy-wrapper, shopping-bag(the paper-kind with handles)for 'keep-sakes'. Oh, no! she cries in alarm! those boxes inspire me!!' I look up, over the mess that has me sneezing and gasping for air...(we are getting ready to paint her room and the old blue-heart desk...)

I have to confess that often I am SO vexed with the mess down below that I did not notice her magazine snippets stuck to the wall..the bible verse sticky-notes on her mirror...though I did notice her dusty iced tea cans and pop shoppe bottles that are precious because 'that was the time when...'
...suddenly I forgive her and wish her all the inspiration in the world:) Happiness truly lies in what we choose to see...


If you still don't believe it, ask Kara!

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