Thursday, January 29, 2015

Away, Away

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Can you feel it; that silver river slipping away, away, wild beneath our feet?

That river slumbered then, where we played
And cooled ourselves in its bronzing shade
For the summer was long and we were young
And hungry for more than the years that stung
Our tongues with Want and wishful wondering
We heard the taunt but not the thundering
Of waters coursing and forcing our feet
Away, away, from youth’s forever-street

There day-dreams grew fat as the years that crawled
Where the hours sat on tree-limbs soft-scrawled
On the palm of a lazy afternoon
We sprawled with our toes a-top the moon
And noses in books; bored desperation
Urged us aboard paper transportation
On the tide of nothing-to-do we sailed
While the white winds blew and the roses paled

Now the river that crept past child-hood homes
Rushes and pushes and gushes and foams
Carrying seasons like a little leaf
Away, away from idle make-belief
Still, here and there, as the sun sinks pink-slow
Splashing twilight’s hair with the afterglow
Caught in a girl’s laughter, soft stirs the snore
Of a river that slept at our front-door

© Janet Martin

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