Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pure Perfection or Winter Vacation

I click-click-clicked my way across the countryside on skis this morning(leaving anything with a clock on it at home;)from sunrise to almost noon...oops.I call mornings like this winter-vacation. It was hard to choose ' a few' pics out of over 100 because it was point-and-shoot perfection as God drew apart the gates of heaven and spilled its reflection to earth...

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On some days earth
Is heaven’s reflection
Each twig and sprig
Pure perfection

Tug the door softly
Soon this will be
From here-on forward
A memory

Somewhere up yonder
A bird on a branch
Flits and rouses
An avalanche

Down in the room
By the white willow tree
Whispers a June-tune
Of what used to be

Don’t wish on sidelines
For what is not
Jump into life’s skin
With all you have got

The poise of hours
The noise of clocks
Sutures with flowers
And showers, time’s locks

Who can afford
To turn a blind eye
As the sun treks
Across the big sky?

Soon bold gold-blue
Of this morning-noon
Will fold into
A cot for the moon

On some days earth
Is heaven’s reflection
Each bend and berth
Pure perfection

© Janet Martin


  1. Thank you for sharing these splendid views and observations - a glorious reminder that hope and mercy come fresh with each new morning. Brings to mind childhood winter days of trekking across fields and around frozen sloughs to sled on the one hill the next farm over. Your 7th pic, with the poplar windbreak on the far edge of the meadow, could have been taken from the farmyard of my earliest home!

    1. It brought back memories of my childhood too:) I love that poplar windbreak. It teases the eye where nothing would be...Yes 'His mercy is new every morning'...even in spite of us!!

  2. Beautiful photographs. And such soul-stirring words. Really - a cot for the moon? Lovely.

    1. Hi Glynis, my friend:) thank-you. Wasn't the morning spectacular?! I was torn between leaping and kneeling.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank-you Dayle:) It was utterly glorious yesterday morning so i took the morning off to enjoy. today I'm playing catch-up with chores!!


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