Monday, January 5, 2015

How Sweet It Is...

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 These potato wedges were today's special part of supper because its a snow-day! Mix scant tablespoon each of black pepper, dill-weed, garlic-powder and paprika and then a healthy pinch of salt. Add to a large bowlful of potato-wedges. (Potatoes well-scrubbed, not peeled) Drizzle with olive oil. toss and bake at 400F until golden-brown. Approx. 30 min. Served with a side of meat-loaf, green beans and tossed salad.

Sometimes I’ve become so accustomed
To the everyday-ness of it
That I forget to notice
How sweet it is

Sometimes its shapes and colors
Placed on platters, in bowls
Are more like simple habit
Than a miracle

But sometimes its invitation
Slips soft, *like a love song or rhyme
To begin dusk’s celebration,
It’s supper-time

…and I don’t want to grow accustomed
To the everyday-ness of it
Lest I forget to notice
How sweet it is

© Janet Martin

Tonight, suddenly it hit me what a gift it is to be able to sit down every evening with those we love to eat supper...

* I tried letting the invitation 'slip soft like a love song' but I didn't get any response until I cranked up the volume to a rockin' ..."S-U-U-P-P-E-E-R!!


Thank you always for your visit and your thoughts.