Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Old 'New'

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Dawn, with impartial whisper wakes
Familiar fellowships and breaks
The bars that lowered deep until
It filled each window-box and sill

How easily the new is old;
Dawn startles midnight seas with gold
As old becomes untried and new
On morning’s sky-wide avenue

And suddenly we are immersed
In second chances, never cursed
To repeat what was brushed away
To that place we call yesterday

Ah, old and new are juxtaposed
Where twilight drew blue curtains closed
Dawn, with untarnished portions spills
New gold to old dusk-darkened hills

...and here, on boulevards unveiled
Time's New pulses where its old failed
As through a fretwork of old lace
Wakes mercy's brand-new day of grace
© Janet Martin

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