Thursday, January 29, 2015


Here is this Week'sWikem (poem from wikipedia)

White is the color most often associated with innocence...Wikipedia
White is also the color of an untouched page…
What shall I write about White? I asked Victoria staring from my empty screen-page to the window. Snow seems a little too obvious.
How about an empty page? Victoria quipped with a mischievous twinkle in her grin…


You return my stare
Innocence veiled
Where Muse has stoppered
A pen that has failed

I pine for the guileless
Untainted free-rein
Fearless, a stranger
To the poet’s pain

Somewhere ink flows
Like the rush of soft seas
Kissing rose pages
With passion and ease

Touching those places
My thought cannot find
And filling white spaces
Where Muse caters, kind

There on their paper
The night wind cajoles
Pleasing their hunger
And teasing their souls

Here in the corner
Of white what-might-be
I stare at the ornery air
Staring at me

© Janet Martin

I left my white page for a while and when I returned Fearless One (aka Victoria) had splashed her laughter on it.

There once was a girl
She looked like a squirrel
People made fun of her
And she cried, Gee Whillekers!

Where did he go?
Nobody knows
Oh, Silly me!
He was just in the *W.C

The kettle screeched
It screamed like a beast
Suki was getting quite put off
Polly! Take the kettle off!

*water closet


  1. I love your poem, Janet, but the Fearless One stole the show :-) Go Victoria!

    1. lol! I agree. I just showed her this post and first she said, M-O-O-O-M! but then she laughed, pleased, I think, at your comment. ;) You are such a great encourager. thank-you.

  2. Fun reads from you and your named muse.
    Funny how other peoples conversations get caught in your head. ;)

    You might also enjoy the three prompts in one piece:
    Also relating adventure of almost having Jury Duty:

    Off to see your other piece now :)


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