Monday, June 28, 2010


There are things in life that I have held
Never meant for me
Yet I've found a warmth within them
Like a soothing cup of tea
So in spite of disappointment
As it softly fades away
I smile in calm contentment
In the joy of yesterday

I don’t believe in coincidence
There’s no such thing as chance
I believe there is a reason
For every dance I dance
And if I turn to find, alas
That you have slipped away
I’ll dance with you upon the grass
In some sweet yesterday

I wouldn’t trade the tears and pain
For pleasures living-room
It takes the sunshine and the rain
To make a garden bloom
Though petals fall like crimson tears
As roses fade away
Their scent drifts ‘cross forgotten years
And my sweet yesterday

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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