Wednesday, June 30, 2010

If Only I Had Known

Oh my dear, if only I had known…
I would have held you closer
Whispered sweeter
I would have closed my eyes
And imprinted our last moment
On my heart forever
I would have danced a little longer
And softened my tone
When the tug of life was stronger
Oh, if only I had known….

Oh my dear if only I had known
I would have smiled more
And scolded less
I would have loved more fiercely
And done everything possible
To add to your happiness
There is no comfort
On the shoulder of a stone
I would have loved you better
If only I had known………..

So today I will hold closer
Whisper sweeter
I will close my eyes
And love deeper
There’s no way of knowing
When our last chance is gone
And we are left weeping
Oh, if only I had known
I could have loved you better
If only I had known

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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