Thursday, June 24, 2010

Golden Thread

Seems like there’s a piece of you
In every little thing I do
Like a tender golden thread
Woven where my footprints tread
In the memory of your sigh
In the twinkle of your eye
In the aqua-velva blue
I can sense a piece of you….

I can hear the soft wind moan
But I do not feel alone
As I turn to look, instead
For a wisp of golden thread
Where forgotten shadows lie
Lingering whispers in the sky
Through its dim and misty hue
I can sense a piece of you

Like a pleasant melody
Drifting on an endless sea
I can hear our favorite tune
Hummed by waves and stars and moon
How I love the joy they shed
Like a tender, golden thread
We are never far apart
Golden thread within my heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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