Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chance of a Lifetime

I pause with my foot on the threshold
For I have been given the chance
To return to the very beginning
Where love was a lingering glance
But if I should choose to step over
Then I can never return
To the step on which now I hover
No matter how deeply I yearn

Here is a chance of a lifetime
To fix all my ‘should have done’s’
I can go to the beginning
And live out the lessons I’ve learned
Then why do I doubtfully ponder
A decision so easy to make?
Could it be that I sadly wonder
If I’d simply repeat each mistake?

I pause with my foot on the threshold
For now I know what I will do
I’ll simply go on as usual
We’ve come so far, me and you
We’ve learned about things like forgiveness
How love will endure if we bend
And I’d like to think we have learned, dear
How to be true til the end

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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