Friday, June 18, 2010

No More.....

No more can I stroll at night all alone
Or relish its solitude
No more can I wander the fields on my own
Where even the wind is subdued
I can't climb alone, the wind-swept hill
Or watch the moon creep over the sill
Of a stark and distant horizon line
No more, since you’ve touched this heart of mine

Wherever I go, in the cool of the dusk
As the mist settles into the dell
I catch the faint luring whisper of musk
To remind me of a sad farewell
Wherever I go and whatever I do
There it is, the soft warm scent of you
I can still stroll at night like I did before
In the pale moonlight, but I’m alone no more

I see you in the face of slumbering blooms
I hear the soft breeze sigh your name
I pause in the door of a thousand rooms
But everywhere it still is the same
In the glance of the stars, or celestial deep blue
In song of the dark there’s a piece of you
No more silent nights to tear me apart
For I hear your name in each beat of my heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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