Friday, June 18, 2010


Slow motion, don’t let go
Oh you know I love you so
Life’s a slow dance ‘cross a floor
Where we can’t start over anymore….
Can I have this dance with you?
There’s no way of knowing
When our dance is through
So let’s dance, take a chance
Through caution to the wind
And dance……….

We can’t choose the music
Yes dear I know
Sometimes it’s a two-step
Sometimes soft and slow
Hold me close dear
Time’s not on our side
We cannot dance
When the music has died
So let’s take a chance
And dance……

Don’t be afraid, dear
I won’t let you go
Life’s a dance, love
I guess we both know
The music is sweeter
In each others arms
When life’s winds are cold
Love’s dance keeps us warm
So take my hand, take a chance
And dance………

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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