Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddy's Home

I smile as I see you pull into the drive
They rush out to greet you, eight years old and five
With your five o’clock shadow to prickle their cheeks
Reaching to hug you midst giggles and shrieks
The scent of grime and sweat doesn’t matter
You lose yourself in their innocent chatter
Gone for now are the small plans you nurtured
A cold drink, a shower, a relaxing supper
For the very best hour of the day has come
When you hear your children shout “Daddy’s home”

Suddenly the weariness fades from your brow
As young tender arms remind you somehow
That there is a reason for all that you do
Blonde hair, pink cheeks and eyes of blue
Kisses as soft as a summer rain
Remind you that you have not lived in vain
And what could be sweeter as you pull into the drive
Than the unbridled welcome of eight and five
For the very best hour of their day has come
As they wrap you with love and shout “Daddy’s home”

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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