Friday, June 18, 2010

If Only You Knew....

I can say ‘I love you’ a hundred times tis true
But sometimes I wonder, oh if only you knew…
Those three little words cannot tell you the whole
Of the way that you move me, both body and soul
They don’t tell of the moments where stars burned silver-blue
In the shiver and torment; oh, if only you knew…..
When I look across the room; when I catch your glance
And know what you’re thinking before you’ve had the chance
To whisper it to me; when the world lies asleep
And we laugh at the memory of the secrets we keep….
When I say ‘I love you’ does it speak to you
Of the bridges we’ve crossed and the storms we’ve been through?
Does ‘I love you’ portray the agony
I feel when you are so far from me?
Sometimes I wonder what you would do
If you could hear what I’m saying when I say ‘I love you’
The bridge spans silent waters clear blue
And there’s no way to tell you; oh if only you knew….

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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