Monday, June 7, 2010

I Love You Because.......

I love you because I yearn for the aching
The thought of you puts in my chest
I love you because in the chances I’m taking
I’ve tasted the best of the best
I love you because when I’m famished and lonely
You fulfill my desire
I love you because, my dear you’re the only
One who can truly inspire

I love you because in the glimmer of midnight
When the entire world is asleep
I can re-live and I can delight
In all of the memories we keep
I love you because in my sadness and sorrow
I feel your comforting touch
And I can go on and face my tomorrow
Because I love you so much

I love you because, as the trees drop their garments
And another year passes by
It will be filled with our special moments
Each whisper, each touch and each sigh
I love you because you have made my life sweeter
Than I ever dreamed it could be
I love you my darling forever and ever
Simply because you love me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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