Friday, June 11, 2010


Draw the sun beneath the earth
And dim its sallow shining
Sprinkle heavens velvet girth
With a star-studded lining
Turn down the glow of western sky
And mute its flaming tresses
Breathe a tender lullaby
In midnight-blue caresses

Let the night bird with its song
Serenade the hours
Where vibrant shades of emerald green
And myriads of flowers
Don the sullen charcoal blush
That deepest twilight renders
Beneath a grey and purple brush
The whole of earth surrenders

Whilst I in wordless reverie
Behold the transformation
Creeping in from sea to sea
In somber adulation
I join the vespers silent song
And gaze in awestruck wonder
At the back-drop of a dawn
Awaiting over yonder

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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