Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Oh my darling, I guess you know
There are not too many places I’ve been
But in spite of this fact, of one thing I can boast
I’ve been made to feel like a queen
My palace is humble, yes, this is true
Perhaps rough and tumble with a cob-web or two
But here I am happy and here I have seen
What it is like to feel like a queen……

No flowing garments of satin and silk
I wear no tiara or crown
No wine on my tray, but there’s coffee or milk
Carried proudly by a princess half-grown
No team of white horses to heed my command
No chauffeur or carriage, no ball-room so grand
But I’ve danced a slow-dance or two in blue jeans
With reckless abandon unfitting for queens

Here in this palace we laugh and we cry
Secure as the world turns colder
Come here my darling; let me look in your eye
Let me rest my head on your shoulder
You are my crown, my jewel, my treasure
My prince, my love, my greatest pleasure
For here in your arms I know that I’ve seen
What it is like to feel like a queen

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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