Monday, May 17, 2010

White Lies

I tell myself it doesn’t matter
There is nothing you could say
Even when the dust is settled
That could change things anyway
And so I simply keep repeating
In the end it’s for the best
I just wish I could believe it
As it robs me of my rest

It doesn’t matter if you’d rather
Never meet me on the street
Or if there should be another
Whispering words endearing, sweet
It doesn’t matter if you’re smiling
With her lips upon your ear
And the secret she is telling
Really doesn’t matter, dear

I tell myself it doesn’t matter
You were never quite my style
As I tear each of your letters
Up into a tear-stained pile
No, it really doesn’t matter
I am better without you
Actually I can’t remember…….
Ah, yes……they were blue

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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