Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poem From the Sky

Moonlight shining down through the willow
Painting paisley patterns on the lawn
Heaven’s hand designing nature’s pillow
Tranquil prelude to a glorious dawn
Blanket of stars, a dazzling cover
Breezes softly croon a lullaby
Trembling cadence through the clover
Flowing like a poem from the sky

Oh, what a foretaste of perfection
Summer night beneath a silver sea
Feasting on the calm and clear reflection
Where wind and willow, sky and water meet
Wrapped in the tender arms of moonlight
Drinking its essence like fine wine
Deep into my soul pours the midnight
Like love wrought by a wondrous hand divine

Thank-you Jesus for this glimpse of glory
Waiting far above this misty veil
When I see the ending of Your story
Will it be upon a moonlit hill?
I know they say there is no night in Heaven
But here and there I think perhaps there’ll be
A midnight field in a perfected version
With silver moonlight shining through a willow-tree

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

a summer night......
in the moonlight.....
the epitome.......
of tranquility!!!!

I know, it's a night poem again
but these past few nights have been


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