Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mini-van Mama

I’m the daughter of a hard-workin’ farmer
Been married twenty years to a sweet truck-driver
I’m a middle-age, middle-class mini-van mama
Queen of the hair-pullin’, seat-kickin’ drama
Got me a house but no white-house ‘Bama
But I am proud to say…….

I’ve mopped eighty miles of hard-wood high-way
If you’re livin’ here you’re gonna do things my way
I’m a cloth-wringin’, broom-slingin’, mop-flingin’ mama
Runnin’ a tight-ship, pick up your pajamas
It’s an ‘if you dropped it pick it up’ drama
And please, just PUT IT AWAY!!!!!!.......

…….I saw her on her cell-phone on the side-walk
Leather coat, stilettos, man could she talk
Six feet tall with a red Lamborghini
Her dilemma where to buy a new bikini
But I don’t feel a tinge of envy
Oh, I’m so proud to say…

I’m a middle-age, middle-class, mini-van mama
Queen of the Sunday morning late-to-church drama
All because of the ‘nothing-to-wear’ trauma
But I’m just takin’ a break
From the broom-slingin’, cloth-wringin’, mop-flingin’ mayhem
Sittin’ for an hour singin’ glory, hallelujah, amen
Soon it’s back to the same old thing again
But I just say, hey, hey,….

I’m a middle-age, middle-class mini-van mama
Lovin’ every minute of this crazy drama
You’ve earned your Mercedes or Cadillac, Grandma
But I’m still on my way
In the seat’kickin’, insult flingin’, late again heaven
Man it’s a great day to be livin’
The best of days, queen of the mini-van
I’m so proud to say…….
Hey, hey, hey
Goin’ my way?
Shove over gang
‘cause one sure thing
There’s always room for
Just one more
With a middle-class, middle-age mini-van mama
Don’t you wish you were part of the drama?
God bless the middle-age mini-van mama!!!!!

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The style of this poem was adapted
from Craig Morgan's song, 'International Harvester'.

Dedicated to all the moms who said
they would NEVER drive a mini-van:):):)!!!!

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