Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Not That Bad......

It’s not so bad
This getting old
If you don’t mind being
Too hot or too cold
If you don’t mind keeping
Your teeth in a cup
And if you fall down
Just hope you can get up
And it really is
Completely okay
If you can’t remember
And if you don’t mind
Your evolving physique
Or forget what you’re thinking
Before you speak
Getting old really isn’t
All that bad
If you enjoy your back-ache
With a heating-pad
Aches and pains
Make great discussion
While snoring offers
Background percussion
Then there’s the daily
Exciting intrusion
Of sorting out
Misunderstood confusion
The shuffle has become
The favorite dance
Secure in dependable
So cheer up Mom
Don’t be sad
Getting old really isn’t
All that bad

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The girls reminded me tonight
About what ‘day’ is a week from today….
Then they proceeded to comfort me a little……
With these thoughts!!!!!

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