Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Her girl-hood dreams
Dance in her eyes
Someday she will sing
Sweet lullabies
To her own dear babies
Her kisses will smother
Their soft little cheeks
When she is a mother…..

She smiles as she hears
Their innocent chatter
Or wipes imaginary tears
As she asks ‘what’s the matter’
For this is her dream
Like no other
Someday she hopes
To be a mother….

….The light in her eye
Has faded a bit
For the dream has died
That kept the flame lit
I hear a tear
Behind her smile
‘My sister’s children
Are at my house for awhile….’

And she pours out her love
To the girl and the lad
That she would have given
To the children she had
While she held a dream
God planned another
And she never became
Anyone’s mother

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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