Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Watching You

I see the way you look at Dad
And how he looks at you
I know when you’re feeling sad
And when you’re happy too
I notice if a sigh should slip
At the end of a busy day
Or when a smile teases your lips
And I know that you are okay
Cause mom I’m watching you and mom I see
It’s mostly what you do that is teaching me

I know there are things you need to tell
Before I am all grown
But I don’t always remember so well
And we don’t learn by words alone
Although I appreciate it mom
The wisdom you pass to me
I know in the end I will become
What you do and what I see
For I hear so much more than the words you say
I hear what you do, how you live day by day

I listen a little, or at least I try
‘Cause that’s what good children should do
But I hear much more by the light in your eye
Or the tone that is shining through
I hear what you do with the words you say
For action speaks louder than voice
I hear the way you live every day
Mom, I really have no choice
And perhaps I’m telling you something you knew
But I want you to know I’m watching you

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

hi know those beautiful home-made cards
your children give you.....filled with precious and
priceless you find they can be quite sobering too?

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