Monday, May 17, 2010

No John Wayne

You know we both hate all the fighting
Cruel words and slamming doors
The grievances we keep inciting
Never seems to even scores
But more than words angry or hateful
Or the bitter scars we store
I find something far more dreadful
Oh, I hate the silence more

Where do you go when we’re together?
You’re a million miles away
Gripping an invisible tether
Riding ‘cross hills cold and gray
But there’s no John Wayne come a-riding
To rescue this dame in distress
Only a long and doleful chiming
To break midnight’s quietness

We both hate the walls we're building
Yet seem unsure what to do
Before you ride into the sunset
Won’t you just try breaking through?
I strain to hear the pounding hoof-beats
Ringing out across the plain
But all I'm hearing is your heart-beat
In a silent movie with no John Wayne

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

okay, okay, I confess.....
I did write this so I could use
one of my REALLY COOL John Wayne pictures:)

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