Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So Long....

You said that you’d be back soon
I’d hardly notice you were gone
When you said it I believed you
So why does it seem so long
The grass and lilies turn their smiles
To tired, weary frowns
And all the sun-tanned cottagers
Have moved back into town
The garden-gate is swinging
On its rusty broken hinge
A melody in minor key
I hover on its fringe
For I’m still waiting for you
Oh you were so wrong
If you said you’d be back soon
Why does it seem so long?

The ribbon of sweet September
Is drooping in the snow
And I cannot remember
What we said so long ago
Except that you once told me
You would be back soon
It's haunting echo holds me
Beneath the April moon
While spring melts into summer
On a misty midnight sea
And in a sad strange way
I feel you here with me
When I’m awake I hear you
A low and mournful song
If you said you’d be back soon
Why does it seem so long?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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