Thursday, May 20, 2010


The memory of that fair day
Unfolds like a blue bud
As I see in fond reverie
The hill whereon we stood
And in this quiet solitude
I pause within a trance
For I can hear the gentle tune
Of blue-bells as we danced

The wild rose weeps her petals fair
For many a spring has slept
And many a soul has wandered where
This tender bud is kept
But in the quiet half-moon sky
It soundlessly unfolds
As I remember you and I
In a hundred dreams untold

The night is heavy with the scent
Of blue-bells in the spring
But I am happy and content
When I can hear them ring
For in the softness of the air
Beneath a half-moon sky
I still see us dancing where
The blue-bells never die

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It is a perfect half-moon sky tonight:)

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