Monday, May 3, 2010

Different Glasses

Because of the roads they have traveled
On entirely different grasses
Two can behold the very same thing
Yet see through different glasses
One sees a plane and stands amazed
At the power which gives its wings
The other sees the dove which halts the plane
And the devastation that it brings
One sees the smile of an innocent child
The other sees it too
But observes the secrets a smile can hide
Behind those eyes of blue
One sees the rose in perfect form
And stands in breathless awe
The other sees crimson and cruel thorn
From wounds, gaping and raw
One may rise to greet the dawn
With great anticipation
The other also sees the sun
But hears only condemnation
For the road that each has traveled
As its destinies unfurled
Have seemed to form the glasses
Through which they view the world......

....yet in all of life's injustices
and roads beyond our control
there's a Father who loves every one of us
and died to save each soul

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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